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Wow, our priorities have changed!

Growing up as an only child had its perks and its downfalls. As I grew up in MY show barn I had the ability to choose where I wanted MY feed, MY supplies, MY radio. It was really easy for me to get what I wanted done because nobody was there to tell me different. When I met my husband I never thought much about the fact that he was an only child too. The implications of being an only child really didn't sink in until we started working in the barn together. I liked my spray bottles placed in the rack, he liked to hang them from the gate. I liked to leave the wheel barrels full until the end of the day, he wanted them emptied before feeding. Needless to say there was some give and take and we were eventually able to meet in the middle.... or at least as close to the middle as we can.

It wasn't until the other day I heard my husband talking to an older gentleman that I realized we were going through another "meet in the middle" event. This time it was going to be with our 2 and 4-year old children. Ramsey and I have always been very particular when it comes to working hair. We both understand the importance of a quality wash and rinse and we both know how important it is to blow their hair ever so perfect. We are so very thankful that God blessed us with two beautiful, healthy, vibrant children. Now I am not complaining but it would have been a little easier if they were not just as strong willed as their mommy and daddy. 😊

Buddy and Hay may not be their God given names but that is what they answer to in the barn. When it comes time to wash a heifer both of them grab their gear and head to the wash rack. This is when the "meet in the middle" starts to come in to play. They don't always hit just the heifer with the water, they may not comb straight forward, and they definitely blow the hair in every direction.

It will all be okay. We will meet them in the middle and appreciate their want to and continue to encourage them on doing a great job! Why? Because the work ethic and family time that we are getting now is immeasurable. Someday I know we will look back on this time and wish they would have stayed like that for just a little longer.


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